by Sarah J.F. Braley | March 01, 2007

IllustrationIn what program do you keep your attendee database?

“Just Excel, for now. It does what we need it to do. But we will be outsourcing this year. We want our attendees to register for their courses and everything online, so they don’t have to fax anything, and their credit card payments can be taken and we won’t have to deal with it. But sometimes it’s refreshing to use Excel. More complicated systems sometimes are more trouble than they’re worth.”

KariAnn Assur
Trade Show and Event Manager
Columbia Ultimate
Vancouver, Wash.

“We have an in-house one on Lotus Notes. It doesn’t work too well. It’s not user-friendly for running reports and keeping the rooming list. There has been some talk about changing it, but cost is an issue.”

Megan Jacques
Meeting Planner
Seagate Technology Inc.
Scotts Valley, Calif.

“It’s in our own internal database. It needs to be able to do a little more diligence in reporting, such as whether people have attended other events. If I’ve invited people to other events, I’d like to know if they had accepted and if they wanted to receive more invitations from us.”

Rosemary Naccarato, CMP
National Marketing Specialist
Sun Microsystems of Canada
Markham, Ontario