by Tom Isler | February 01, 2007

Sophie LaBellMaybe it’s the increasing prominence of event planners in the media, but when 11-year-old Sophie LaBell from Waldwick, N.J., designed a business card for herself recently, she listed “party organizer” as her occupation, in a deep shade of pink, beside a purple heart.

Her work to this point has been pro bono: an elementary school graduation party for her and her friends; her birthday party; a Halloween shindig.

Sophie’s celebrations are developing a signature. The same menu (predominantly hamburgers and hot dogs), theme (sports) and activities (capture the flag, mummy wrap contests) keep resurfacing.

“I think she could be a great event planner,” her proud father, Paul, opines. For her part, she says, “I like to have the parties.”

Someday Sophie will look back on her early planning days and realize she had the best gig in the business: organizing events as an excuse to party, and making Dad foot the bill. Return on investment isn’t yet in her vocabulary.