by Brendan M. Lynch | August 01, 2006


How do you reduce
waste at home?

“Since our office can’t recycle cans and boxes, co-workers now bring me these things to recycle, and I take them home and put them into my big blue bin. My garbage is usually about a quarter full, and my recycling bin is full every week. If I’m at the mall and I buy a soda, I bring that bottle home to recycle. If we all do just a little bit, it makes a big difference.”

Theresa Garza, CMP
Account Development Manager
Kellen Meetings
Tucson, Ariz.

“I do a lot of recycling at home. I even recycle water. I use what they call ‘gray water,’ where I wash my vegetables in a tub and then reuse it to water my plants outside. I also take all of my food and peelings and do composting.”

Linda Hall, CMP
Director of Operations
USA Hosts Ltd.
Las Vegas, Nev.

“I clean out those cool plastic containers that come with Chinese food and use them for storing pens, paper clips and things. Also, I always take back my hangers to the place where I get my dry cleaning done. It helps them save costs -- and hopefully pass those cost savings to customers -- while also reducing waste.”

Melissa Edwards, CMP
Director, Global Events
Association of Corporate Travel Executives
Alexandria, Va.