by Tom Isler | August 01, 2006

Craig Scott


Craig Scott

Charity might begin at home, but being environmentally sensitive can begin in the office. Craig Scott, environmental projects officer of Derby, England, shares tips for being green at work from the Green Work Guide, a handbook given to all new city employees. The complete guide can be found at

Keep it digital. Limit the number of reports or memos that need to be printed. E-mail them, if possible, or post them on your company’s intranet. If you must print materials, try to minimize the number of pages in word-processing documents.

Take the extra step. To reduce the amount of electricity elevators use, take the stairs, even if only on the way down. And walk the extra 10 feet to toss paper in the recycling bin instead of the temptingly close wastebasket -- or to retrieve discarded paper for reuse as scrap paper.

Clothes call. Dress appropriately for the time of year so there’s less need to crank up the air conditioner or heater. Also, close the windows in cold weather and keep radiators clear of clutter to maximize efficiency.

Shut down. Remember to turn off all lights and computers at the end of the day. “If everyone does just a bit, then this all adds up to a lot,” Scott says.