by Bryan Darrow | July 01, 2006

Colorful martiniLooking for a simple way to add sophistication to a gathering? Try inventing a drink tailored to the event. Below are some creative cocktail-crafting techniques, courtesy of the Loews Ventana Canyon Resort in Tucson, Ariz.

Match up flags and colors. For a recent event that introduced two new cars to the automotive press, two drinks were invented using a vodka originating from the automaker’s home country. The distinctive colors of the libations matched those of the cars on display, with one drink mixing the vodka with Chambord and Blue Curacao, and the second achieving its effect by using amaretto with just a splash of cranberry.

Consider the atmosphere. At a celebration called “Diamonds in the Desert,” the resort created an impressive gold-colored drink by mixing champagne with a splash of tequila, set in a sparkling bath combining ice, dry ice and faux diamonds.

Choose an offbeat container. For a pharmaceutical company's launch of a new drug during a picnic-style reception, the bartenders made various flavored martinis in test tubes that stood in watermelon halves on the buffet table.

Dress the toothpick. For a meeting attended by a number of “stars,” the dinner had a Galileo theme. The event's signature cocktail, The Copernicus, was fashioned from a clever combination of Polish vodka, a dash of Limoncello and a colorful skewer of cantaloupe, watermelon and honeydew infused with Cointreau. By all accounts, the concoction had an out-of-this-world flavor.