by Lisa Grimaldi | June 01, 2006

Peninsula Beverly HillsGood news for the allergy-prone: Cheektowaga, N.Y.-based Pure Solutions ( has come up with a system that purportedly combats 99.9 percent of allergens in hotel rooms.

To be a certified Pure Allergy-Friendly room, explains Tom Pickles, director of operations, guest rooms must undergo a multistep cleaning process, including a thorough cleaning of the room’s ducts, vents, circulation systems and all room surfaces, followed by the application of a compound that prevents mold, yeast and fungus from attaching to surfaces.

The rooms are then outfitted with air filters that kill viruses and bacteria, showerhead filters to eliminate chlorine, and hypoallergenic mattress and pillow covers made of tightly woven microfiber.

There are currently a total of 75 Pure hotel rooms in the United States, at properties as varied as the Conrad Miami, Marriott Annapolis Waterfront, Peninsula Beverly Hills (pictured above) and Sheraton San Antonio. The number of designated Pure rooms is expected to double this summer.