by Brendan M. Lynch | June 01, 2006

U R a Brand bookcoverThe blogosphere is growing by 12,000 blogs (or electronic journals) each year, says Catherine Kaputa, author of U R a Brand! (Davies-Black), offering planners a great opportunity to enhance their businesses. Here’s why.

Blogs are free. “Compared to a website, a blog is cheaper, because companies will host it for nothing,” says Kaputa, who recommends the hosts and

Blogs use RSS. Subscribers, whether they be clients or employees of the company, can get “pinged” with each update to your blog with RSS (Really Simple Syndication) technology, making for instant updates and opportunities for dialogue.

Some caveats. While blogs indeed offer a new way to hype an event or service, the wide-open nature of the blogosphere can lead to a loss of message control, or a few ruffled feathers in case a blog, product, service or event is criticized online. Fear not, says Kaputa. “If a discussion is getting too heated or counterproductive, you say, ‘This blog discussion is closed.’ That’s legitimate. But, others feel that the freedom of expression helps build community.”