by Terence Baker | May 01, 2006

Trying to lose weight? It might be wise to avoid alcohol. Besides adding empty calories, even moderate doses of alcohol might promote increased food intake, says Dr. Robert H. Eckel, chairman of the American Heart Association’s scientific council on nutrition, physical activity and metabolism, and professor of medicine at the University of Colorado’s Health Sciences Center in Aurora, Colo. Also, he notes, “because alcohol can partially block fat oxidation, it might be associated with fat storage.”
    Some beverages are less fattening than others. Here are various calorie counts from

* Vodka (1.5 oz): 96

* Rum (1.5 oz): 96

* Whiskey (1.5 oz): 105

* Light Beer (12 oz): 108

* White wine (5 oz): 120

* Red wine (5 oz): 125

* Beer (12 oz): 156

* Pina colada (9 oz): 490

    Another consideration: The soda or fruit juice in a mixed drink might have more calories than the alcohol in the beverage.