by Bryan Darrow | May 01, 2006


Have you ever sent an e-mail that went unreturned, only to find that it wound up in the recipient’s spam folder? Chances are, your messages have telltale spam qualities. Modern filters such as SpamAssassin look for patterns and give your e-mail a spam score; if the score is high enough, your e-mail gets purged.
    Following are some tips on how to lower your spam score, from Dr. Ralph F. Wilson, e-business expert and founder of, a site dedicated to Internet sales and marketing.

Use capitalization carefully. Turn off the caps lock when writing, and be cognizant of overcapitalizing. As an added bonus, your recipient won’t think you’re yelling.

Watch your hyperlinks. Hyperlinks without an http:// prefix likely will increase your spam score.

Avoid trouble words. Try to avoid using red-flagged terms like free or guaranteed. Also avoid subject lines mentioning “savings” or “pounds” -- even when referring to British currency.

Keep it plain. In general, don’t use colored or abnormally large fonts.