by Terence Baker | March 01, 2006


How important is an on-site spa when selecting a property?

“Very important, as it shows a higher quality of service. After a hard day, there is nothing better than to have the opportunity to relax and release stress. It’s almost a necessary evil.”
Michael T. Williams
National Sales Manager
CMP Meeting Services
Southlake, Texas

“It really depends on the meeting. For in-and-out affairs, the service level of the hotel and the quality of the meeting and sleeping rooms are most important, but for incentive weekends, we definitely look for a spa property.”
Mary-Kate R. Collins, CMP
Director of Operations, Meeting Division
Davis Management Co. Inc.
Cherry Hill, N.J.

“For an annual meeting, it’s not important, but for a smaller meeting that caters to executives or board members, I take that into consideration. But it’s not a prerequisite.”
Amanda S. Rushing, CMP
Director, Meetings & Conventions
National Association of Elementary School Principals
Alexandria, Va.

“Not that important, but health clubs are of moderate and increasing importance.”
Randy Cross, CMP
Meetings Department Manager
International Society for Optical Engineering
Bellingham, Wash.