by Tom Isler | February 01, 2006


What’s the most outlandish hotel charge you’ve ever received?

“A hotel tried to charge us more than $12,000 for attrition after they sold out and we had to get additional rooms in three other hotels and after we spent three times the F&B we guaranteed. After many, many months of disputing, the hotel waived it all.”
Jessica Pagonis
Meeting Planner
National Recreation and Parks Association
Ashburn, Va.

“I once had a hotel that wanted to charge me $95 a day to have one or two plants on the stage. Upon arrival in that city, I went to a local discount store, bought four large plants, pots and soil and provided my own plants at a cost of approximately $50 for the entire three-day event.”
Shannon Zelsnack
Conference Director
Information Technology Association of America
Arlington, Va.

“I didn’t like that I paid over $65 per gallon of coffee at a Tennessee hotel. With tax and service charge, that makes the coffee over $85 per gallon. You might expect that in New York, but not in Tennessee.”
Judy Plummer Sadler
Director of Organizational Affairs
Tennessee Pharmacists Association
Nashville, Tenn.