by Lisa Grimaldi | February 01, 2006

Chef Walter Scheib

Flour child: Chef Walter Scheib

It’s difficult to duplicate the panache of a state dinner, the elegance of a First Lady’s luncheon or the pure feeling of Americana surrounding a South Lawn barbecue. But one professional, Walter Scheib, knows the secrets to the seemingly flawless events hosted by presidents and first ladies. Scheib served for 11 years as the White House chef and now he’s sharing his unique talents through his event planning and catering company, The American Chef (, in Great Falls, Va.
    In addition to White House-themed functions, Scheib offers a number of customized party ideas, following the mandate set for him when he was hired in 1994 by Hillary Rodham Clinton: highlighting what is best and most unique in American food, wine and entertaining.
    Scheib also will share his federal experience with groups by way of lectures and cooking demonstrations.