by Terence Baker | January 01, 2006


When it comes to e-mail and other matters of type, which font do you prefer to use?

“For the workday, I always use Arial in 12 point. It’s neat, clean and closely resembles the font our marketing department uses for our company logo. For personal correspondence, I use Comic Sans MS, because it’s lighthearted and fun.”
Stacy Smith
Specialist, Event Planning and Incentives
Bath & Body Works
Reynoldsburg, Ohio

“Arial for everything. I prefer sans-serif fonts, as opposed to serif ones, which have little tails and embellishments. Arial is clean, straight and easy on the eye.”
Sharon Collins, CMP
Director of Meetings
International Inflight Food Service Association
Atlanta, Ga.

“I use Times New Roman at work, as I think it is the least obnoxious-looking. It is simple, not artsy. At home, I use Arial, as it is the standard font for Yahoo! e-mail. It’s not particularly exciting, I know.”
Iain Mackenzie, CMP
Meetings and Events Manager
International Sign Association
Alexandria, Va.