by Lisa Grimaldi | January 01, 2006

You can ace the interview, but what often separates an impressive candidate from the one who gets the job is the post-interview thank-you note. Following are some tips from Maynard, Mass.-based job search website,

E-mail vs. snail mail. If you already have corresponded with the firm via e-mail, an e-mail thank-you note sent immediately after an interview is appropriate. Make sure to follow it up with a typed note sent via traditional mail.

First paragraph. Thank the interviewer for his or her time in the opening paragraph.

Second paragraph. Reiterate points you made during your interview, further emphasize a certain skill or experience you have, or bring up any points you forgot to make in the interview.

Third paragraph. Close your message with a brief recap of how your skills are well matched to the position. Before sending the note, make sure to check that spelling and grammar are correct.