by Cheryl-Anne Sturken | December 01, 2005

illustrationDeciding what to buy and for whom can turn holiday gift-giving into a study of procrastination, guilt and overindulgence. To take the anxiety out of the process when buying for business associates, follow these simple tips from

Nothing personal. Gifts of a personal nature can be misconstrued, so stay away from jewelry, perfume or clothing. Stationery or desk items, such as a clock, are perfectly acceptable.

Ditch the logo. Don’t use gift-giving as an excuse to promote the company. Save logos for the trade show floor.

Tap into hobbies. Personalizing a gift to a client’s interest shows a higher level of appreciation. For example, a boss who dabbles in antiques might like a video on how to restore old furniture.

Simple is better. Extravagant gifts, especially in today’s climate of corporate scrutiny, can come across as bribery. Keep it under $50.

Research charities. If donating money on a client’s behalf, find out what causes he supports, rather than giving to your own favorite nonprofit.