by Jonathan Vatner | November 01, 2005


What is the worst
catastrophe you’ve ever
experienced at a meeting?

“Probably one of the worst snowstorms that Detroit has had happened in 1999, at the beginning of the Auto Show. My client, Nissan, was introducing the comeback of the Z. As long as the airport was open at all, we could get private aircraft in there, even if commercial planes weren’t going there. We flew in some of the executives who needed to be there before the airport shut down.”
Michael Patton, MA, CMM
San Diego

“A hotel houseman thought he was supposed to deliver ice water to the chairman and speaker at the podium, in the middle of the speech. When he got up there, he dropped it all over the speaker.”
Rose Ann Howard
Director, Meetings and Events
Yum! Brands
Louisville, Ky.

“A keynote presenter doing a half-day session for our group canceled on the Friday before a Monday start. I called my trusted speaker bureau and we found a replacement who turned out even better than our original speaker.”
Anne-Marie Laderoute
Manager, Facilities & Presentations
Canadian Institute of Chartered Accountants
Toronto, Ontario