by Tom Isler | November 01, 2005

wheelerYou might have a fantastic website, but if an Internet search doesn’t include it in the first page of results, few people will find it. Jonathan Ashton, vice president of business development for SEO Logic (, a Chicago-based consultant specializing in search-engine optimization, explains how to get a good ranking on Google.

Format wisely. Feature keywords and phrases in bold or in headers and repeat them often throughout your website’s copy. For example, the term “search engine” appears 18 times on SEO Logic’s main home page.

Link up. When ranking a website, Google weighs the number and quality of external links that point to the site. Try to get links to your site on “quality” websites, meaning those that are themselves well-connected, rank high on searches and receive heavy traffic.

Register. Register your site directly with search engines, but also submit your URL to website directories large catalogs of sites that search engines troll on a regular basis. Be sure to get a link on the Open Directory (, which major engines, including Google and AOL, use to find new pages.