by Terence Baker | August 01, 2005


Have you noticed any change in
the number of attendees
from overseas lately?

“We’ve seen no dip. In fact, more overseas members are coming this year to our convention. Members having a hard time are from places where I think it always has been tougher getting visas.”
Inga Hafkemeyer
Convention & Marketing Manager
International Association of Administrative Professionals
Kansas City, Mo.

“We did find numbers of overseas attendees dropped, so a couple of years ago we decided to hold more and longer meetings abroad. That’s how we have taken care of the problem.”
Dr. Elizabeth Foy
International Director
Association of Evangelical Gospel Assemblies
Monroe, La.

“We have seen an increase, with 26 nations last year involved in our convention. I think the reason is due to the increased demand for water resources around the world, but still we tell our members not to delay getting visas.”
Kevin McCray, CAE
Executive Director
National Ground Water Association
Westerville, Ohio