by Tom Isler | July 01, 2005

CCCM’s 1977 Aston Martin V8

A real coupe:
CCCM’s 1977
Aston Martin V8

For Michael Prichinello’s money, there’s no better ego boost than cruising the streets of New York City behind the wheel of a 1977 Aston Martin. This month, he and his business partners are launching the Classic Car Club Manhattan ( For $7,000 a year, members get roughly 40 days behind the wheel of a Lamborghini, Rolls Royce or other high-end vintage vehicle.     Prichinello says his outfit provides auto enthusiasts with a way to drive their dream cars for far less money than if they owned the cars themselves.
    The CCCM is the first North American venture of the London-based Classic Car Club (, which has six branches and about 2,000 members scattered about the United Kingdom. In addition to individuals, the company is looking to attract the corporate incentive buyer: “You could either have a stupid plaque on your desk or a weekend in a Ferrari,” Prichinello says. “I’ll take the Ferrari.”
    So would George Kiebala, co-owner of the Palatine, Ill.-based Exotic Car Share (, who opened a Bedford Hills, N.Y., office in May and plans to add a branch in Florida.
    “It’s an award that allows you to turn your own life into the reward itself,” notes Kiebala.
    The corporate world has barely scratched the waxed surface of the car-sharing phenomenon, Kiebala believes. Creative planners could use cars as incentives to boost attendance at meetings, he suggests, or companies could lure CEO candidates with the perk of a fractional ownership of, say, a Bentley Continental GT.