by Terence Baker | July 01, 2005


What has been the
most difficult aspect
of starting a new

“Finding time. A professional association is founded by people who by nature are very active in the business. The people who are motivated to make an association a success are the type who are deeply involved in many other activities.”
Jim Sterne
Web Analytics Association (launched in 2005)
Washington, D.C.

“We were formed by a merger of two associations, so the most difficult aspect was merging the different association cultures. It was a learning curve, but I believe we have been successful.”
Jackie Manchas
Event Services Administrator
Association for Iron & Steel Technology
(launched in 2004)
Warrendale, Pa.

“Communicating what members can get for their money. Members value being affiliated with the association, but we need to demonstrate that through action. Getting a dialogue started on members’ needs takes time.”
Bill Zimmermann
President, CEO
Climbing Wall Association
(launched in 2003)
Boulder, Colo.