by Morton D. Rosenbaum | June 01, 2005

THEhotel at Mandalay Bay

VIP ready: THEhotel
at Mandalay Bay

There are times when a VIP floor just doesn’t cut it. For those players important enough to deserve and/or demand the utmost in exclusivity, the industry offers the hotel within a hotel. The famed Waldorf Towers, tucked into New York City’s Waldorf=Astoria, marked the first incarnation of the phenomenon in 1931. More recent examples include the veritable Russian nesting doll that is Las Vegas’ Mandalay Bay Resort & Casino, which plays host to THEhotel at Mandalay Bay and also shares its top floors with another property altogether the Four Seasons Las Vegas.
    How does an inner sanctum hotel distinguish itself from its more plebeian environs? By providing luxury galore, for starters, with cushier linens and amenities (at the Waldorf Towers, Penhaligon’s skin products, antique furniture and flat-screen televisions; at the all-suite THEhotel, plasma TVs, wet bars and a private spa, Bathhouse, ensuring that guests needn’t get their massages with ordinary Mandalay guests, thank you); very personal service (staff members at the Towers, all of whom speak at least two languages, will check guests in and personally escort them to their rooms), and, in some instances, price: Rates at the Towers are typically double those at the Waldorf=Astoria, while prices at THEhotel typically are comparable to Mandalay Bay’s. 
    And how, of course, does any hotel within a hotel keep out the riffraff? With polite but mindful security and, most importantly, entrances between properties that lock on one side, or as a spokesperson for the Four Seasons Las Vegas quips euphemistically, “magic doors.”