by Terence Baker | April 01, 2005


Who determines
the dress codes
for your events?

“The conference committee makes recommendations on the attire to be worn, and then the board votes on the proposal. Usually, the dress code is business casual, but that often changes, depending on the particular event within the convention.”
Gretchen Fox
Membership Coordinator
International Formalwear Association
Chicago, Ill.

“I decide, but it really has not changed much in our 24 years of existence. The range is between business casual and professional. The whole bridal industry is about looking good. Next year we have our convention in San Jose, Calif., so dress might be a little more sunshine-oriented but no less professional.”
Eileen P. Monaghan
Vice President
Association of Bridal Consultants
New Milford, Conn.

“We do not have as many business-casual events as other groups do. We are probably more traditional than most, and at some events it is mandatory that our blazer with logo  be worn.”
Richard Bowen
Conference Coordinator
Future Business Leaders of America-
Phi Beta Lambda
Reston, Va.