by Terence Baker | February 01, 2005
Berlitz GuidesAs any experienced traveler knows, an authentic native dish partaken of in a foreign country can be every bit as enlightening as a sightseeing tour of the nation’s landmarks. The catch is knowing what to order from a menu in the native language.
    Good news: A series of handy mini-guides from the language experts at Berlitz (; $3.95 each) has been published with the specific aim of helping English speakers translate menus abroad.
    At present, guides covering the cuisines of France, Germany, Italy and Spain are available; new editions for additional countries are being prepared for release in the near future.
    The small booklets, designed to comfortably fit into a wallet or a purse, provide the correct pronunciation for many of the culinary delights awaiting diners from appetizers to desserts and everything in between as well as the language needed for tasks such as asking for the check and toasting your host.