by Morton D. Rosenbaum | January 01, 2005
CalendarBefore scheduling your next beefsteak dinner on Good Friday, consider purchasing the new Multicultural Calendar, 14th Edition, published by Ottawa, Ontario-based business technology company TCM.
    Marking holidays for 12 major religions, as well as hundreds of cultural festivals for German, Irish and Tibetan attendees alike, the calendar  is calculated to help keep planners on their diversity-friendly toes. 
    It also offers a handy at-a-glance index of all included holidays, explanations of their cultural importance and timed e-mail alerts for those who request them. Both wall and desk models are available, as well as electronic versions formatted for both MS Outlook and PalmPilots.
    Individual calendars sell for $14.95; orders of 500 or more come to $8.50 each, available at