by Terence Baker | December 01, 2004


Do you think the
outcome of the recent
presidential election will
affect your job?

“Yes, because I believe President George W. Bush’s agenda is to build business, and that will bring more business to the meetings industry, especially as the economy improves. That is exactly what is happening here in California, where Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger has the same agenda.”
MaryAnne P. Bobrow, CMP, CAE
Bobrow & Associates
Citrus Heights, Calif.

“Not at all. It didn’t in the last four years, and now we are busier than ever. So I definitely don’t think it will make a difference going forward.”
Marty Kruse
Meeting Planner
Scottsdale, Ariz.

“No. It hasn’t affected it in the last four years of the same administration, so I don’t believe it will affect my job in the next four. If anything, I got a little tax relief.”
Fiona Hendricks
Senior Meeting Planner
Institute for International Research
Grand Rapids, Mich.