by Terence Baker | December 01, 2004
Has the appeal of supersized restaurant portions waned?  Reports of our nation’s ever-bulging waistlines, coupled with obesity-related health concerns, have Americans favoring smaller servings, according to a recent study.
    Of 1,112 people surveyed in October by Opinion Dynamics, a Cambridge, Mass.-based market-research firm, 53 percent think restaurant portions are too large. A full 40 percent claim they would chose restaurants that offered half portions.
    Interestingly, 60 percent of women polled believe portion sizes are too big; only 44 percent of men agree.
    “Our research indicates that consumers are beginning to think of battling obesity as more than just following the latest diet,” says Lawrence Shiman, vice president of Opinion Dynamics. “While many restaurants have begun to create healthier menus, especially for children, Americans also want to be offered appropriate-sized portions when they go out to eat.”