by Jonathan Vatner | November 01, 2004

Want to avoid having to make another New Year’s resolution to lose weight? Tired of fasting through the month of May to prepare for swimsuit season? For advice on staying slim through the holidays, try these tips from the Cleveland Clinic Heart Center (
    1) Eat first. Don’t skip lunch to “save up” for a binge at an event. Have some fruit or yogurt before you go, so you’ll be less tempted to eat heavy party fare.
    2) Bring food. For a party hosted by family and friends, offer to contribute a low-calorie dish. Your host will appreciate it, and you’ll have a waist-saving option.
3) Take a breather. Don’t pick at the food throughout the event; you’ll lose count of how much you’ve eaten. Instead, take a sensible amount on a plate, and when that’s gone, consider mealtime over. If you must nibble, stick to veggies.
4) Focus on socializing. Scope out a spot away from the food table, and then concentrate on being charming. You might find good conversation is even more satisfying than food.