by Terence Baker | October 01, 2004


What is the most
outrageous expense
you’ve ever encountered
at a hotel?

“I was charged $100 for putting out two tiki torches. You can laugh if you didn’t have to pay the bill. It was considered an outdoor setup.”
Jean Sandhofer
Meeting Planner
The Hartford Financial Services Group Inc.
Simsbury, Conn.

“Coffee is outrageously priced. I’ve been charged $80 a gallon. Totally ridiculous.”
Louise Cadieux
Meeting Planner
Bristol-Myers Squibb Canada
St. Laurent, Québec

“For me, it’s the issue of electrical power. The sockets are already there, so why such a high charge for plugging in? It would be different if you were using a massive amount of energy.”
Pat Moore, CMP
Senior Meeting Planner
Mattel Inc.
El Segundo, Calif.

“We had a breakfast ceremony where the hotel was to serve mini quiches. What they gave us were quiches the size of quarters, and they charged us for a full-price meal. It looked like an hors d’oeuvre and it was horrifying.”
Stephanie Stroyek
Meeting Manager
American Express Corp. Meeting Solutions
Mount Laurel, N.J.