by Jonathan Vatner | August 01, 2004
TumiVeteran road warriors know a flimsy garment bag can be both a pain to carry and a wrinkle factory for freshly pressed suits. But luggage makers are catching on, and several brands are improving their products for easier toting. “Garment bags have really had an amazing face-lift,” says Michele Pittenger, president of the Princeton, N.J.-based Travel Goods Association. “You’re seeing garment bag sections integrated into a wheeled upright piece. They’re also more compact to meet all the carry-on size requirements.”
    A prime example of this transformation is the SkyRoll, originally a garment bag that rolled up into a duffel-like shape but recently premiered with a new twist. Say hello to SkyRoll on Wheels, in which the garment carrier wraps around a wheeled suitcase. It retails for $149. (703) 849-1492;
    Zero Halliburton, already famous for its aluminum-coated luggage, released a soft, wheeled garment bag this past June. The 22-inch bag folds in half and easily can be carried or pulled. It retails for $475. (801) 299-7316;
    A companion for those prone to excessive packing, Boyt’s Walk-In Closet Wheeled Garment Bag is a massive 12 inches thick and has compartments to spare. The company sells two versions of the bag, with different materials and features, retailing for up to $320. (888) 289-2698;
    A more traditional yet very classy carrier comes from Tumi. The sturdy and elegant T3 garment bag (pictured above) is designed to be carried on top of a wheeled suitcase. The bag retails for $325. (800) 322-8864;