by Terence Baker | August 01, 2004

What is the most unusual themed event you’ve organized?

“Probably one called ‘The Liver Test.’ It’s an annual private event that involves a variety of wine tasting, beer tasting, martini tasting just as the name implies.”
Lisa Rapps
ANTHiLL Events
Phoenix, Ariz.

“I would say a Jamaican tiki party. We had tiki huts and bamboo lights. Everyone dressed in beach attire and put on fake sunburns.”
Nicole Gebhart
Director of Sales/Client Services Manager
Yipeee Event Management
New York City

“We did a party for Time Warner where we projected our client’s cable channels on people wearing white unitards. Later, they danced in sync with the images to rave music.”
Mark Cheplowitz
Wizard of Ah’s
New York City

“We did a team-building event combining Fear Factor with Survivor. Teams ate anaconda meat and had to use their toes to pick up a pencil hidden beneath white mice.”
Greg Jenkins
Bravo Productions
Long Beach, Calif.