by Bruce Myint | July 01, 2004


What event trends should
officially be retired?

“No more balloons. Please.”
Michael Cerbelli
Creative Director
Total Entertainment
Englewood, N.J.

“Standard props, like old Western town fronts or oversize surfboards. Light and fabric can create a much more compelling environment.”
Michelle Hunnicutt
Details Special Event Production
Tallahassee, Fla.

“Fluffing linens on a table is really on its way out. I’m seeing more metal tables or tables with polished wooden tops. I think linens have seen their day.”
Gregory Sullivan
Echelon Events Inc.

“Oh, those ice flume bars! What are they doing? People think running their vodka through a block of ice is actually going to cool it off, but it does nothing at all. Most of those drinks just end up getting left around the room. And oxygen bars? Enough already. Get rid of them now.”
Robert Hulsmeyer, CMP, CSEP, DMCP
Senior Partner
Empire Force Events Inc.
New York City