by Brendan M. Lynch | July 01, 2004
Meeting-goers traveling by car this summer will pay the steepest gasoline prices in U.S. history. As the nationwide average per-gallon cost of unleaded soars well past $2, planners can save their attendees money by sharing the following advice.

Carpool. Now might be the best time to fill those seven passenger seats in the SUV. According to the U.S. Department of Energy’s Smart Communities Project, carpooling is the easiest way to reduce automobile pollution and conserve energy.

Go online. Websites such as help consumers find stations selling the cheapest fuel in their area.

Maintain your vehicle. Car expert Bobby Likis, host of the Car Clinic Network radio show, advises using 10W-30 motor oil or lighter unless it says otherwise in the vehicle’s manual and making sure tire pressure is at least 35 pounds per square inch. Also, avoid higher-priced, high-octane fuel unless the vehicle requires it; these fuels cause more air pollution and can overwork a car’s catalytic converter, says Likis.