by Terence Baker | June 01, 2004

What most stresses
you out about the
planning process?

“The most stressful part of planning for me is packing for the national convention. You never want to forget anything, and yet there is always some little thing that is forgotten and that someone back at headquarters must overnight to you.”
Kendra C. McColloch
Director of Meetings
National Association of Insurance Women
Tulsa, Okla.

“We use the same hotels and convention centers every year and, fortunately, the staff at those properties remains pretty much the same. I would be most stressed in a situation where I knew exactly what it was that I wanted but the new hotel staffers did not.”
Helen Swartz
Director of Membership Operations
National Tractor Pullers Association
Columbus, Ohio

“I would have to say the registration process is the most stressful. We do not outsource any of our registration work and definitely want to keep it in-house, but it is just a very time-consuming process.”
Jennifer Markkanen
Assistant Executive Director of Education & Publications
American Academy of Sleep Medicine
Westchester, Ill.