by Cheryl-Anne Sturken | May 01, 2004

Head quarters:
Aloft on Cloud-Soft pillow

Trying to nap at 30,000 feet can be a downright uncomfortable exercise in frustration. To avoid the stiff neck, cramped shoulder muscles and cranky demeanor that come from trying to snatch 40 winks in a too-tight space, bring along one of these nifty travel pillows.
    Buckwheat U Neck Pillow (; $16.05). Stuffed with 100-percent allergen-free buckwheat hulls in a polyester shell, the Buckwheat U Neck is comfortable and provides good head support.
    Cloud-Soft Inflatable Pillow (; $9.85). A blend of soft polyester-cotton covers the three-ounce Cloud-Soft. The washable shell zips off, and the pillow can be stowed in a pocket or a purse.
    Headache-Relieving Cold-Therapy Neck Pillow (; $39.95). Designed by a headache specialist, this cushion has a slim, nontoxic and biodegradable gel pack that slips inside to provide cold therapy, a proven remedy against pain.
    Eagle Creek Comfort Neck Pillow (; $17). With its soft micro-fleece shell, Eagle Creek’s 15-inch inflatable neck pillow comes with a lifetime warranty.
    Duck Down Travel Pillow (; $40). Made of luxurious, all-natural duck down in a 100-percent cotton cover, the pillow can be stored in an accompanying nylon storage bag.
    Comfort Neck Pillow (; $25). The inflatable Comfort Neck, designed by an enterprising spine surgeon, features a velcro closure to secure it around the neck and prevent the sleepy head from falling forward.