by Brendan M. Lynch | May 01, 2004


What kind of food
should never be
served at a meeting?

“I wouldn’t serve spaghetti. At meetings, the men all wear white shirts and the women have on those pretty white blouses. Everyone would have sauce all over himself or herself. And oregano does not work as good cologne!”
John H. Baker
Creative Events & Marketing
Savannah, Ga.

“Don’t serve anything people can’t recognize when they look at it. Say you’re in a city that has regional favorites that are indigenous to that part of the country, and people are flying into that city from other places. If they don’t recognize that food, they won’t eat it. Also, from my experience, anything that’s really messy is difficult, and people won’t eat it, either.”
Alicia Denzer
Senior Meeting Planner
Meetings & Incentives
Milwaukee, Wis.

“People have allergies, and some are particularly allergic to seafood. When we serve seafood, we always make sure to offer a lot
of alternatives.”
Debbie S. Butler
Director of Meetings
Bellaire, Texas