by Terence Baker | April 01, 2004

Have you seen a recent
increase in spam in your office
e-mail account?

“If anything, I have seen less in recent months, but I think that has more to do with us changing domain names and servers. Probably this is just a case of the spammers needing time to catch up with us. Law firms are particularly sensitive about spam, so much so, that occasionally even association e-mails to our own members are filtered out by their servers.”
Barbara Fieser
Executive Director
Computer Law Association
Fairfax, Va.

“My colleagues and I were just talking about this. I don’t know why we have seen an increase, as we have a good filtering system, but we have seen much more spam for money-making scams, ads for Viagra even spam e-mails that are insulting and rude.”
Nancy Gavin
Exhibits Manager
National Safety Council
Itasca, Ill.

“Not a recent upsurge, although I still get way too many. I average 30 to 35 e-mails a day, and only four or five are messages that I want to see. The rest is spam, which I recognize immediately and delete without even opening.”
Patrick McNerney
Executive, Meeting Services
Photo Marketing Association Intl.
Jackson, Mich.