by Terence Baker | February 01, 2004

Does your office need a
spring cleaning? If so,
what will you focus on?

“It definitely does, and believe me, a spring cleaning is high on my list of things to do this year. I am a collector, and I have files going back almost 40 years. I need to organize and to put far more information on the computer. I know I do not need many of my files any longer.”
Dr. Manfred Wentz
Executive Director
International Drycleaners Congress
Apex, N.C.

“Actually, the office is looking lean and mean right now. We had a major spring cleaning two years ago, and I really think it has helped us work better. We can find things, and we have more space. I rather like the T-shirt rule if you have not worn it for a year, get rid of it."
David Cotter
Textile Care Allied Trades Association
Fairfield, N.J.

“Ironically enough, as a cleaning association, I would have to say we do need to clean our draperies and carpets something we hope all companies feel they need to do each spring. It's a big job, but we do know people in the industry.”
Ann Hargrove
Director of Special Projects
National Cleaners Association
New York, N.Y.