by Cheryl-Anne Sturken | January 01, 2004

The next time electronic gremlins strike, it might well be time to upgrade that old computer, say the experts at (, an online tech resource. They offer these sure signs of a computer in distress.

The waiting game. You type a command, and that little hourglass sits on the screen as the computer struggles to deliver the image. Or, you type away and wait for the letters to appear on screen as the computer plays catch-up.

No more room. You start to download images and the computer runs out of memory again. Or, it freezes and crashes repeatedly when opening large files.

Locked out. All the files are there, but the computer refuses to open them.

Out of date. That new software would be a big help, but its system requirements are greater than your computer’s operating system.

Hard to see. If you’re squinting at the monitor, it’s too small. Time to get a larger one.