by Terence Baker | November 01, 2003

If you could excel
at any sport,
what would it be?

"I would choose cycling, although I would be a long way away from competing in the Tour de France. An hour on a Sunday morning is plenty for me; it is my time to be on my own. While cycling around my town, I often have seen deer and lots and lots of birds."
Lynda Utterback
Executive Director
National Ice Cream Retailers Association
Rolling Meadows, Ill.

"I would have to say golf. I played a long time ago, but it is still so popular among my members that we often lose half of them to the golf course during the convention. I don’t think much flower-related business is done out there, but I might as well join them."
Jay Stawarz
Executive Secretary
International Cut Flower Growers Association
Haslett, Mich.

"I always enjoyed figure skating, so that is my choice. It is so beautiful and so full of grace and poise. That is something I always have wanted to become better at."
Betty Manning-Hardman
Manager Meetings & Travel
Interstate Battery Systems of America
Dallas, Texas