October 01, 2003
Meetings & Conventions: Short Cuts October 2003 Current Issue
August 2002

Cutting Exhibit Costs

image To help participating exhibitors control costs at its annual meeting and ToxExpo trade show this year, the Reston, Va.-based Society of Toxicology (www.toxicology.org) offered the following cost-saving tips.

BRING YOUR OWN. Extension cords cost $6 to $7 at discount hardware stores but $12 to $15 on the show floor. Other comparisons: Power strips valued at $5 to $10 go for $20 to $25 on site; and trash cans retailing for $8 are $30 at the show.

GO FOR STAYING POWER. Decorate booths with durable silk flowers, which can be shipped and used again. Or, if fresh flowers are a must, chose a hardy variety, such as mums, which will bloom all week if fresh.

ARRIVE BOOTH-READY. Prewiring exhibits can save on-site labor requirements and costs.

CUT CLEANING COSTS. Order cleaning services every other day, and supplement by bringing along your own Dustbuster.

BORROW LOCALLY. If you have a local office in the show city, see if you can borrow furniture for the booth, rather than rent.


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