October 01, 2003
Meetings & Conventions: Short Cuts October 2003

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February 2002
Short Cuts: You Told Us...
In August we asked readers if their bosses really understand the role and responsibilities of a meeting planner. Some answers:

• "Yes, my boss definitely understands. He might not understand the minutiae, but he frequently asks for my input on the objectives and strategic direction of the meeting. I feel my worth is considerably more than 'just' a meeting planner." - R.N., Jacksonville, Fla.

• "I often feel I am a task-doer instead of a partner in strategically planning and implementing events. Sometimes, it makes me wonder why they don't just hire an administrative assistant." - E.L., Toronto

• "Overall, yes, but often I think her head is on the larger picture, while I am concerned with thornier, day-to-day problems. When I struggle with a particular part of an event, I feel that she thinks I'm moving too slowly and don't have the same sense of urgency." - A.H., Chicago

• "Absolutely, but mostly because my boss was a planner once himself. I think now he is relieved someone else is doing the work." - S.A., Boston

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