October 01, 2003
Meetings & Conventions: Short Cuts October 2003

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October 2003
Short Cuts:
On the SpotDirectors warn, “Never work with children or animals.” Have you ever done so for a meeting?

“Yes, we do use animals. These ‘demo animals’ have not caused any problems. Our society’s policy states they must have their own dog-walk areas and are not allowed to be left in the hotel room unaccompanied.”

Dianne Bell
Coordinator, Pet Partners Program
Delta Society
Renton, Wash.

“Yes, with children, both for this association and when I worked for the Girl Scouts. I have found it to be not so difficult, but there are some procedures that need to be thought about, such as permission forms signed by parents and the legal ratio of adults to children at the event itself.”

Julie Angelo
Executive Director
American Association of Community Theatre
Lago Vista, Texas

“No. We do not use animals either for entertainment or education purposes. Our members are sensitive to issues of animal welfare. To my knowledge, no one using any of our member facilities has asked for animals to be part of an event.”

Beth Strelitz, CMP
Meetings Manager
American Zoo and Aquarium Association
Silver Spring, Md.

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