by By Allen Sheinman | November 01, 2008

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Would you consider holding a meeting in the hurricane belt during hurricane season?


"Mother Nature has her way of making sure we understand who is in charge. I would not let the hurricane season deter me from planning an event in the hurricane belt. Other locations have their own acts of nature that cannot be controlled. You just need to stay informed and always have a contingency plan."
Agnes Vargas
Program Manager, Florida Operations
The Boeing Co.
Kennedy Space Center
Cape Canaveral, Fla.

"No, too much of our annual programming revenue is generated for us to take that risk. Because of our size, we are limited to only a few cities, and since we meet in October, we eliminate both Orlando and New Orleans for hurricane reasons."
Sherry Romello, CMP
Vice President, Meetings & Conventions
National Association of Convenience Stores
Alexandria, Va.

"We are holding our annual meeting in New Orleans in early December 2009 [just after the official end of hurricane season]. We were scheduled to meet there in December 2005 but had to move due to the damage from Katrina."
Ayuko Kimura-Fay, CMP
Director of Meetings
American Society of Hematology
Washington, D.C.