by Hunter R. Slaton | December 01, 2008
greenwarePlanners now can take advantage of an increasing array of biodegradable food-service products made from renewable resources.

The Sugar Cane Paper Co. ( makes plates, napkins and more from bagasse, the material left over after liquid is extracted from sugar cane. A case of 1,000 six-inch plates costs $65.20 (compared to $55.35 for a case of Dixie plates from

Wheatware ( offers cutlery made from wheat and small amounts of plastic. One thousand Wheatware Bio­Mass-75 forks cost $79; 1,000 similar Dixie forks cost $95.25.

Steve Mojo, of the Biodegradable Products Institute, says renewable resources "are helpful in reducing our carbon footprint" -- but not when everything is thrown away after use. Instead, Mojo recommends planners seek to compost biodegradable items.