by Cheryl-Anne Sturken | December 01, 2008

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Are you handling holiday
parties any differently
this year to save money?

"I am looking for alternative venues for this year's party, which was changed from a nighttime event with guests allowed. Now it's a lunch for employees only. I want something nice, with more bang for the buck than just a ballroom in a hotel."
Matt Asherman
Events Manager
Maxwell Systems
King of Prussia, Pa.

"We've never really gone overboard with holiday parties. Our choice always has been to go somewhere downtown with good food and good drink, just for employees."
Erica St. Angel
Vice President of Marketing
Sonic Foundry
Madison, Wis.

"Our entire office is only 22 people. For a party with guests, at most we'd get 40 people. So we decided to try buying a few tables at a
larger holiday party open to multiple companies or groups at the Holiday Inn Waterbury [Conn.]. We benefit from the excitement of more people, and everything's done for you. We couldn't possibly afford to do this on our own."
Paula Rischard
Technical Expert
Social Security Administration
Waterbury, Conn.