November 01, 1998
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November 1998

And now, the news. For those of us who like to be up-to-date on the world at all times, bookmarking news sites becomes addictive. Of course, if you have a favorite on TV, you might choose the same channel for your "Web's best" list. Some sites welcome you with what's going on right now, like ABC News ( and CNN Interactive (, both of which offer quick surveys to check the online pulse. CBS ( and NBC ( focus more on their networks as a whole rather than creating a news presence on the Web, making it a little harder to find the news you want. PBS ( offers feature stories and discussions, not the headlines, and, as on the tube, there's no sports. To find out who's doing the best reporting on the top subjects of the day, go to Yahoo! Full Coverage (, where the staff evaluates stories from all sources. Click on a subject, and links appear for articles from the majors, such as the Associated Press, Reuters and The New York Times, but also local papers and other news sites, like the BBC and ZDNet News.


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