November 01, 1998
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November 1998

Nobody ever said the computer would replace the pen, but if it does, famous penmaker A.T. Cross is making sure it will still be fashionable to have one of its products in your pocket. The CrossPad ($399), a portable digital notepad, comes with a digital pen and stores more than 50 pages of notes, to be transferred later to your PC. The DigitalWriter ($12.95 to $250) has the look of a classy Cross pen but actually is a stylus to use with personal digital assistants and hand-held PCs. The DigitalWriter Duo ($34.95) does double duty, with an ink pen on one end and computer stylus on the other. The most integrated products are the iPen ($99.95) and iPen Pro ($149.95). The first is an electronic pen and tablet that works like a mouse with Windows 95, 98 and NT 4.0 applications; the second adds software that allows you to mark up documents and e-mails.

Call Cross at (800) 510-9660 or go to (www.cross- on the Web.


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