by By Kaylee Hultgren | December 01, 2008

illustrationWorking with famous people often requires breaking out the kid gloves, says Jessica Meisels, owner of Fingerprint Communications, a bicoastal public relations and marketing company. Her dos and don'ts:

Be clear. Too often, Meisels warns, celebrity guests are asked to do more on-site than they bargained for. "It may seem obvious, but you need to make sure they are treated with respect. The talent is a real live person, not a puppet or a robot." A clarifying pre-event phone call with the publicist is a must.

Lay down the law.
Brief your attendees on proper etiquette -- no pictures, no grabbing, no propositioning -- especially if the group is not accustomed to being around A-listers. Celebrities can't pose for photos with everyone, Meisels says. Set aside an off-limits area designated for celebrities and VIPs only.

Think ahead. Discuss upcoming projects, events or product launches with the star while you've got him or her in person. Get contact information from one of the celebrity's handlers. It'll increase your chances of building a lasting professional relationship.