November 01, 2000
Meetings & Conventions: Short Cuts November 2000

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November 2000
Short Cuts:
On the SpotWhat is the oddest request you have gotten from an attendee?

“Someone asked for a refund for a show she attended with her children. She had a great time but wanted her money back because no one had taken her ticket. She was upset because she felt the process had broken down and maybe others had seen the show for free. We explained that this was not the case, at which point she relented.”
Lisa Block
Director of Meetings and Conventions
Society for Human Resource Management
Alexandria, Va.

“One attendee asked for hooks to be placed on the backs of all the bathroom doors, while another insisted that all the hotel rooms have two types of hypoallergenic pillows. Such requests make the job interesting.”
Marci McNeil
Public Relations and Conventions Manager
World Waterpark Association
Lenexa, Kan.
“I was asked not to plan a guest program that included palm-reading or interpreting tarot cards on a Sunday. Initially, I thought this odd, but after some consideration, I decided it was good advice. It sharpened my sensitivities to people’s preferences, religions and cultures.”
Liz Jackson
Vice President
Association Management Group
McLean, Va.
“I would go to the ball as a fairy godmother, so I could have the power to grant wishes. Top of my list would be, ‘Please make this ballroom larger,’ but I would definitely ask to make the breakout space larger, too, and to have T1 Internet lines installed everywhere. Such a mask would have unlimited benefits for a meeting planner.”
Mary Russell, CMP
Hamilton Group Meeting Planners
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