by Kaylee Hultgren | January 01, 2009

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Have you made any changes
to spousal or family programs?


"I've noticed that there has been a slight increase over the last year in family program participation, which has led me to change my site-selection process. In the past, I've tried to offer attendees relaxation and tranquillity. Now I focus on venues that are convenient to a variety of activities and transportation options for families to enjoy their surroundings."

Angela Layton, CMP
Communications Manager
Tennessee Medical Association

"Over the years, participation has declined. Last year, we outsourced our tours to a destination management company but canceled them due to lack of interest. I think the host cities' websites have given our attendees the ability to find what they want to do on their own, perhaps at a lower rate. In the past, they relied on us."

Bonnie J. Stephenson, CMP
Director, Conference Events
Golf Course Superintendents Association of America
Lawrence, Kan.

"We're not providing as many tours. Members have shown us they don't really want it -- our spouse and youth tours barely break even. For 13 people, am I going to take a financial bath?"
Amy Ledoux, CAE, CMP
Vice President, Meetings & Exhibitions
ASAE & The Center for Association Leadership
Washington, D.C.